Where’s Calum Bowen Been?

In the recent months I’ve finished up my pop album (released under the moniker ‘bo en’) and travelled to Japan for a few week. That explains my absence a little!

ubidanceIn the time I’ve been gone, Super Ubie Land has been completed and launched on PC/Mac, as has Valdis Story: Abyssal City! I had a crazy time finishing up work on both of these titles, nevertheless, I’m completely over the moon with how they’ve turned out!

You can listen to the Super Ubie Land soundtrack below:

I was absolutely thrilled to bring on board amazingly talented remixers: SAINT PEPSI, aivi & surasshu, Blitz Lunar, Hyperduck Soundworks & Zackery Wilson!

What’s next? I’m currently continuing work on Cloudface, Thief Story and I’ve recently started some sound design work for a game called dʒrægɪn: A Game About a Dragon.

Jolly July

So, it’s been a little while since the last blog post!

Bo en has started phenomenally and has a whole load of fun gigs lined up along with playing his first show early this week with XXYYXX, Avec Avec, Saint Pepsi and more, and his second show in London with Slugabed! But this is Calumbowen.com, go away bo en.

Super Ubie Land is coming to a close and accordingly we’ve got a release date and a special video for that announcement:

So, come August 13th Super Ubie Land will be released on PC/Mac/Linux! I’m very close to being done with the soundtrack. It’s been a very long journey and I’ve very excited to show off the fruits of my efforts! Along with this I’m organising a few amazing remixes to be included – I’ll keep the names a secret for now but they’re some of my biggest influences so it’s crazy to have them be a part of my work!

So, here’s some new Super Ubie Land music for you!

I spoke about this a little while ago but it’s finally come! The Final Fantasy VI tribute album from OverClocked Remix has been released. Get the whole 5 DISC album here! I did a lil’ vocal bossa’sized take on the airship theme ‘Blackjack’ with Jesse Deacon:

Speaking of which, I’ve collaborated with Jesse Deacon again on the music for a new game project Cloudface! It’s had a lot of attention recently, including one huge german Let’s Play! Watch it here and hear the song! :

who is bo en?

So, it’s been a little while, huh! I have some rather big news to share but since it happened almost a month ago, this will read more as a retrospective explanation. I have decided to split myself in two. I am now ‘bo en’ and Calum Bowen. 

The idea popped in my head after I started doing a number of remixes and original tracks that was beginning to form a consistent style. This music was also not particularly attached to any projects. So for a while, I was kind of presenting myself as both a game composer (Calum Bowen) with all sorts of different types of music and also a solo artist (bo en) with a specific style. In an ideal world I would love to say present everything together as I’d like to think that people who liked some of my music would like others but I think in the end the way I was presenting this music was a detriment to both bo en and Calum Bowen. Being both simultaneously, the specific image and sound that I was trying to cultivate with bo en was being compromised. On the side of Calum Bowen, the freedom I felt in being able to post anything regardless of style or genre also felt a little restricted when I knew that there were people expecting a certain kind of music because of the bo en stuff I had posted. So the split was born!


While there’s still remnants of bo en on the Calum Bowen page (after all, that style is certainly something I’d love to compose game music in), it’s been a good experience so far and I’m honoured by the support I’ve had in such a small amount of time. 

The first song I’ve officially released as bo en is miss you. It was featured as the first track on the japanese electronic music compilation fogpak #6.

Patrick of Make Believe Melodies said tons of lovely stuff:

“One of FOGPAK #6′s best comes from…I believe…the first foreign contributor, mus.hiba-pal Calum Bowen with his “Miss You.” It’s a perky jaunt aided by warped vocals, handclaps and late-song chanting.”

Hihiwhoopee also did a really nice write-up for those who can speak japanese/google translate mainly focusing on my re-release of winter valentine as bo en – here. After which, in their collaboration with tomad from maltine records, they played miss you on their radio show RUGBY – write-up here.


There’s a ton of really exciting things that I have planned from both bo en and Calum Bowen so keep ya eyes pealed! 

In the meantime, have a little listen to this jazzy title theme I’ve written for Thief Story!

Lots of News

Super Ubi Land kickstarter has been funded and then some! In the end I was able to finish off 5 sheets!


I started working on a new game with Todd Luke that looks a little bit like this!


I finished making a short game with Armel J Gibson entitled MOSHIMOSHI which got a really lovely review on IndieStatik!


I also released the soundtrack to a game I’d been working on for a long time with Satellite Play called Marble Time.


It’s a super chill, nintendo-style, jazz, feel-good soundtrack with artwork by Alex Van Dorp.

The whole OST is an exercise in re-harmonisation of one main theme (set out in the titles first track). I had a hellova lotta fun making it so I hope people enjoy it! There’s a killer (free) remix by rukunetsu on there as well!

The game’s got some mindblogglin puzzles so feel free to check it out here!

Winter Valentine Press & Remixes

Since collaborating with mus.hiba on our track(s) for 9-bit Blizzard I’ve gotten a lot more attention than I’ve probably ever had before!

Here’s a list of press releases related to the track:


Destructoid on 9-bit Blizzard

Reviewed by MakeBelieveMelodies

No. 10 in 10,000 TRACK PROFESSIONAL’s top 15 tracks of February 2013



spazzkid’s Peculiar Snooze Patterns mixtape for Matinée As Hell

Harmful Logic’s Romantic Landscapes Mix

We’ve also had 2 wonderful remixes done by i-fls & yano munenoli

Thanks to everyone who listened and posted about it! It’s really been amazing to see this track get so much attention.

Super Ubi Land Kickstarter!

Hi guys,

As part of the Super Ubi Land kickstarter, I’ve put together a 9-track EP of some of my favourite tracks from the OST so far (including 3 unreleased secret tracks!) There’s also piano sheet music inside and a little thank you pdf! The EP is available in any of the reward bundles over 10$.

Click Here to go to the Super Ubi Land Kickstarter page



1. Main Theme
2. Bonus Boogie
3. Midnight Lake
4. March of The Green Lands
5. Frost Fandango
6. Shop Theme
7. ? ? ?
8. ? ? ?
9. ? ? ?

You can stream tracks 1-6 on soundcloud right now

For those keen to catch those secret tracks – they’re being played during the Indie Power Hour on Alpha Omega Radio. We also got Kickstarter of The Week as well as featured game on the site! Check it out here.

This soundtrack has been (and will continue to be) my baby for the past 8 months so I really hope those who are interested enjoy it.