(CURRENT) PC/MAC – Cloudface – Composer, Sound Designer

(CURRENT) PC/MAC – dʒrægɪn: A Game About a Dragon – Sound Designer

(CURRENT) PC/MAC – Thief StoryKonitama – Composer, Sound Designer

(CURRENT) PC – Escalated Strange (Devlog) – Namragog –  Composer

(CURRENT) PC/MAC – Carosel – Composer, Sound Designer

3DS (eShop) – Turtle Tale – Saturnine Games – Sound Designer

PC/Mac – Winnose Todd Luke – Composer, Sound Designer

Wii U/PC/MAC – Two Brothers – AckkStudios – Sequencer, Producer, Arranger

Wii U//PC/Mac – Super Ubie Land – Notion Games – Composer, Sound Designer

Ubie happily celebrates every victory to a little jingle that you’ll become familiar with smiling along to. It’s the work of Calum Bowen, clearly, and some of his best, perhaps.

Indie Statik

The music is catchy, fun and I often find myself humming my favourite tracks. The music never feels out of place, and it doesn’t get repetitive, either. There isn’t a bad track in the game, and it makes the game a delight to play through.


PC/MAC – Valdis Story: Abyssal City – EndlessFluff – Sound Designer, Voice Actor

PC/MAC – MOSHIMOSHI Armel J Gibson – Composer, Sound Designer

“Outrageously fun music”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“There’s a fantastic soundtrack provided by Calum Bowen that will do everything in its power to make you smile and be happy”


“Infectious soundtrack”


“Try not to smile when hearing the song”

“Maybe the soundtrack will haunt me in all my dreams”


iOS – Marble Time! – Satelite Play Composer, Sound Designer

iOS – Up Up Ubi – Notion Games – Composer, Sound Designer 

Up Up Ubi has one of the most unique soundtracks I’ve heard, especially when you use the meat powerup. Hearing this electronic song that sounds similar to songs from Katamari Damacy brought a smile to my face, as that’s one of my favorite series.


You’ll definitely want to crank up the volume while you play this game!


iOS – President You – Playeresape – Composer


SHORT FILM – Discrimination Firsthand – Institute of Psychiatry – Composer

THEATRE – Somnambules & The 7 Deadly Sins in Italy, Brighton, London & Edinburgh – Yael Karavan & Tanya Khabarova – Composer, Sound Engineer

OUTDOORS THEATRE – Anima – Karavan EnsembleComposer

SHORT FILM – Into The Void – Elena Savlokhova & Jana Otte – Composer, Sound Designer Watch Here

SHORT FILM – Boss – Antonio Ruiz – Composer Watch Here

“Really nice writing. I listened to the “Boss” track. Like the manic trumpet writing at the end quite a lot!” Austin Wintory, Composer of ThatGameCompany‘s Journey

RADIO PLAY – At The Beaches – Antonio Ruiz – Composer

DOCUMENTARY – The Green Solution – Maria O’Sullivan, Conor Sorghan, Jack Staddon & Alex Stanton – Composer

VIDEO SERIES – Final Fantasy IX Fandub – Aaron Busch – Sequencer, Producer


Space Ocean – University of Sussex New Music Ensemble at Future:Music Concert

Fish Tank – Catfish Blue at National Music for Youth Competition, Birmingham

Remnants of the Day – Aurora Orchestra at Aberwyswyth University (about Aurora Orchestra)

Rhythmic Study for String Sextet – Band of the Royal Irish Guards


Rhinegold Education Student Composition Award, National Music for Youth Competition

The David Osmond-Smith prize for the best Music dissertation, University of Sussex

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